Gucci Replica Handbags: A Tremendous Tan Colored Tote!

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If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of tan! It’s one of my favorite colors for spring bags, and it’s never looked as lovely as it does on this lovely medium tote from Gucci.

This is a bag I would love to bring to the office – it’s elegant and professional and big enough to carry your files or a packed lunch.

Replica Gucci Village Double G Tote

You’ll find a number of unique and charming details on this tote, starting with the small GG emblem. It’s placed on a small buckle on the side of the bag which you can use to make subtle adjustments to the bag’s shape. This purse has a detachable shoulder strap and two top handles, so it’s very versatile and can be matched with a number of different looks.

Replica Gucci Village Double G Tote

This tote is definitely going on my wish-list. I noticed it’s one of the featured Gucci replica handbags here, at PV. If any of you ladies ever buy this bag, please write me and tell me about it! I’ve bought their Gucci replica handbags before and I just love them.

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