Chanel Sneakers From Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

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Chanel has recently released their Metiers D’Art 2017 Paris Cosmopolite Collection. As the bag collection features calfskin and velvet, the brand’s sneaker line also features a mix of same materials in different colors. Aside from the classic white, Chanel has also released metallic color like silver and the basics such as blue and gray. While the velvet comes in red, blue and gray. Other designs include tweed in gold and beige.

Style & Price


US Price

Euro Price

UK Price

Chanel Calfskin and Velvet Sneakers $725.00 (USD) €650.00 £570.00
Chanel Calfskin and Tweed Sneakers $725.00 (USD) €650.00 £570.00
Chanel Calfskin and Velvet High Cut Sneakers $775.00 (USD) €690.00 £620.00

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Chanel reintroduces Coco Mademoiselle as a travel friendly purse spray


Chanel’s classic Coco Mademoiselle perfume has been given a new avatar. The oriental fragrance, which debuted in 2001, is now available as a purse spray – a travel friendly 0.25 fl. oz. spray bottle which is presented in a neat suede effect case. It’s the perfect size to fit into your favorite purse and can be taken anywhere! Coco Mademoiselle opens with notes of orange, which gives way to a heart of rose and jasmine and a base of patchouli and vetiver.
The limited edition purse spray can be purchased from Chanel’s website for $85. The price includes the travel case as well as three 0.25 fl. oz. refills. The Coco Mademoiselle range also includes a body oil, shower gel, body lotion, body cream, soap bar and an after bath powder.

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Chanel Bags and 100 Celebs

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Today I’m reviewing a bag which is one of my current favorites – the Chanel square mini.

I thought I would be taking a long break from my mini bags after I had a baby, but after I got my routine down, I realized that the opposite is true – I use my mini crossbody bags more than ever, to hold my necessary essentials while I’m running around and don’t want to be weighed down by a large diaper tote. I hope this review is helpful to some of you considering this bag!

Chanel Mini Chevron Caviar Worn

Chanel chevron mini bag, Lucky wedge sandals

This blue chevron mini is the first and only mini I have from Chanel, and my only regret is I wish I had started buying them earlier, when they were a lot cheaper (and easier to find!). I’d been on the fence for a while, but when I saw that Chanel had introduced this cobalt blue shade in chevron caviar for the spring 2016 season, I knew I had to pick one up. The color just struck me!

Chanel Mini Chevron Bleu

Like the rest of the classic flap lineup, the mini has a back pocket where ticket stubs, ID cards, receipts, etc can be stored. I’ve also put my house key in here during short walks (it doesn’t fit a thicker car key).

Chanel Mini Caviar Chevron Back pocket

A little detail I’d like to point out and my least favorite design aspect of the mini – the way that the strap’s interwoven leather is closed. It’s basically just cut off abruptly. Of course I know that the strap has to be reattached in some way, but somehow I don’t think Hermes would ever finish a bag like this. But I wanted to show this detail, in case someone buys one and thinks it’s an one off flaw.

Chanel Mini Strap

Now one thing about the mini – it really is mini! And the square one, which I have, fits even less than the rectangular version. I usually pack mine one of two ways.

Chanel Mini What Fits 2

The first is the way I prefer – little card case, sunglasses in a slip case (you can find a similar leather pouch here), iPhone (I have the giant 6+), and favorite NARS lipstick, plus car keys (not pictured).

Chanel Mini What Fits

Sometimes I’m too lazy to swap out my cards from my regular wallet to a card case – in those times, I can only fit my phone, wallet, and keys (not pictured).

Chanel Square Mini WOC Comparison

I know that a likely question from this review would be one about the mini versus the Chanel WOC (wallet on chain, see my review here). Although I’m still a big fan of the WOC style and how easy it is, the strap is way too long on me naturally when I wear it crossbody. Here’s a comparison so you can see how the two hang.


Shorten WOC strap

My go to way to shorten the straps on my WOC are to cross them over, like shown above. When I do that, the WOC becomes significantly shorter – here’s the length of WOC compared using this method, versus the square mini.

Chanel WOC Strap Shortened

I know that some of you out there are shorties like me, so wanted to provide lots of pictures.

Chanel mini fans – I’d love to hear about your experiences with the bag! Do you love yours, and do you have the rectangle? That’s the next one on my (never ending) list.

Some Q&A on the Chanel Square Mini – if you have more, please leave in the comments and I’ll try to answer.

What’s the retail price? As of August 2016, $2700 in the USA.

What’re the dimensions? 6.5” x 5” x 2.5” inches. The chain drop can vary, between 19-21” inches. The square caviar chevron is a little bit shorter, around 18”. I’m 5’1, and you can see how it looks on me crossbody.

Square vs. rectangular mini? I love that the rectangular fits more (and the shape makes it easier to drop your phone in), but the strap is just a “tad” too long to be perfect on my short frame. I’d still probably get one if the right combination came up – the length isn’t so bad. The square length however, is perfect for crossbody.

Square mini vs. WOC? Both! But if I had to pick only one, I’d go with the square mini – fits a bit more.

The combo I want is sold out. How do I get one? I’ve come to realize that Chanel minis can be difficult to get ahold of, especially in certain color and leathers. If you have your heart set on a particular combination, I’d keep checking sites such as Fashionphile, and The Real Real.

Caviar or lambskin? I love both. Caviar is hardier, but lambskin can do well too, as long as you aren’t too sensitive to scratches. I would try to get a darker color if you’re going for lambskin and are going to wear the bag crossbody all the time, since it’ll likely rub against your pants, and dark denim can be a problem.

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New Boy Chanel Fluo Flap Bag

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If you think Chanel is running out of ideas for their famous boy flap bags, think again. This Boy Chanel Fluo Flap Bag made us wonder and daydream about the creativity and innovativeness of the people behind this luxurious French brand. The tri-color combination is too lovely with its neon pink, neon yellow and beige mixture.


This latest addition to the Boy Flap Bag family also offers something new: fabric, mesh and resin. It reminded us of the bubbly Pop 80’s fashion, think of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper-ish styles. Those frou-frou hairstyle and eccentric clothes goes well with this new Boy Chanel Fluo Flap Bag. However, you need not worry about that since this bag is specially made for 2016 and beyond. Think of it as adding a pop of color to your monochromatic outfit, works well right?

Now if you’re deliberating whether you should own a Chanel flap bag, the question that you should be asking yourself is, which design you should buy as they come in different sizes, colors, textures and finishes. But one thing we’re sure of, this newest Chanel Boy Flap Bag  price will be selling like hot pancakes in no time.

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By Chere Di Boscio

“So few people truly understand what I do,” sighs Catherine B whilst exhaling yet another cigarette. “This is not a consignment store. This is something different”.

That ‘something different’ is an Aladdin’s treasure cave packed with collectable Chanel and Hermes pieces, on which Catherine is an expert. She can tell a real piece from pirated one more so than many retail directors in the fashion houses themselves. “There are many things to watch for,” she says. “And some fakes today are good…very good. But I know. I just know”.


This savvy collector stocks the most elusive bags, jackets, scarves and shoes from the 30’s to the 90’s, but not beyond. She’s not interested in being a depot for the unwanted bags of fickle rich girls; instead, she sees her shop as half museum, half retail store. “Some people can’t understand why I am charging more for a 2.55 bag than the listed price in a Chanel boutique”, she continues. “But it is because the 2.55 I am carrying is a one-of-a-kind piece designed by Mademoiselle Chanel herself, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!”

Indeed, some of her stock is so rare, it isn’t even for sale. Take her Chanel bicycle, for instance. One of about a hundred left on the planet, it features two sidesaddle ‘handbags’ and the signature Chanel quilting not only on the bags, but on the seat as well. She also owns the original Birkin bag from Hermes. It boasts the initials JB and is numbered 0—it being the first. It also features a strap created at Ms Birkin’s request: “She wanted to be able to put it on her shoulder while she looked for things inside the bag,” explains Catherine.

Her amicable husband assures me that there are many more treasures cached around the store. “She will only show them to people who are truly interested”, he tells me. But when Catherine finds those people who share her enthusiasm and love for vintage Chanel and Hermes, it makes her day–even if there’s no sale.


Catherine explains she would love to share her enthusiasm for these collectable designer pieces in a modern venue, like Harrods Department store, because she believes the English have a better appreciation for all things vintage than the French, who are more likely to use accessories that were passed down through the generations rather than buying vintage pieces themselves. ‘It’s all about heritage,’ she says.

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