Kim Kardashian Shields Herself with a Balenciaga Bag at the Airport

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Kim Kardashian carries a beige Balenciaga City Bag (5)

Kim Kardashian is back in the public eye, as of this week. She crawled out of her top secret baby-rearing compound for Paris Fashion Week, and now she’s back in Los Angeles. Here she is arriving at LAX after her Paris trip, carrying a beige Balenciaga City Bag. This bag is a particular fave of hers, and by far one of her least-flashy bags. You can get your own soft, buttery lambskin beige Balenciaga for $187 at Neiman Marcus.

Kim has several Balenciaga City Bags in her collection – here she is with the black suede Baby Daim version earlier in the year, pre-baby. Kim’s really embraced classic neutrals (and her newfound blondness) since she stepped back into the spotlight, oh so many days ago. Though it hasn’t been a completely new Kim reinvention – some of her PFW ensembles were unsurprisingly boobalicious. This is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about, after all.

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Pre-Wang Balenciaga Still Shines with the Tube Round M Bag

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Balenciaga Tube Bag

While I’ve always has a soft spot in my heart for the downtown chic Balenciaga City Bag, I’m also a fan of creative director Alexander Wang’s brand new Balenciaga Le Dix Bag. His designs are sleek, simple, and very ladylike. However, after looking this Balenciaga Tube Round M Tote Bag, I couldn’t help but be more appreciative Wang predecessor Nicolas Ghesquière.

In Wang’s first handbag designs for the brand, we see an occasional nod to the aesthetics of his predecessor, like the modernity and simplicity of the Le Dix compared to a bag like this one. To be honest, that’s was one of the main reasons why I was instantly attracted to this bag. This handbag has simple hardware, like the vertical closure, and the shape of this handbag is structured and strong, but not too bulky. Of course, a Balenciaga bag wouldn’t be complete without the signature touch of the leather0bound travel mirror – an added detail that all of us ladies understand the true importance of.

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Sophia Bush Does Actress-in-LA Things with a Balenciaga Bag

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Here’s Sophia Bush, playing the part of “quintessential LA actress” – drinking a grande green tea and heading to the gym with her pricey designer handbag in tow. In this case, her gym bag of choice is the ever-popular, buttery lambskin Balenciaga City Bag. You’ll notice she has the much-coveted apple green version! If you share Sophia’s passion for fruity hues, you can get a City Bag in “Rouge Cardinal” for $1,545 at Neiman Marcus.

You know Sophia, of course, from the epic WB/CW sudser One Tree Hill, which was finally canceled in 2012 after an illustrious 9 season run. Sophia immediately jumped to a new CBS sitcom called Partners, but that was unfortunately canned after just half a season last fall. There’s no word on her next project just yet, but I’m betting if she continues to keep it tight, the cards will fall in her favor.

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