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This year will be an exciting year for the fashion-obsessed. More iconic handbags are getting a makeover and the designer brands are doing it fabulously.

Sometimes a small adjustment is powerful enough to create a huge impact. Just like this time-tested Lady Dior Bag with the brand-new embroidered shoulder strap. This little doses of add-on are dangerous enough to make your friends jealous.

The Lady Dior itself is already a unique work of art. The wide shoulder strap is beautified with crystals that form multi-coloured floral motifs for a highly contemporary twist.


And especially the crystal colors are impressive – it will boost your style to a whole new level. Now that summer is coming up, let those crystal stones bling as the sun is shining.

For those that dislike multi-coloured crystals for good of reasons, there are more variations. There are single-colors available and with geometric motifs.

For as far as we know, these kind of bags are available in Mini (17 x 15 x 7 cm) and Medium (24 x 20 x 11 cm) sizes. Check out with Dior SA for the prices and more details.





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An interruption.

A small diamond is on the loose and we have to catch it, it’s the Lady Dior Small Intrepide Pouch Bag. Have you ever seen something as stunning as this?

The Lady Dior doesn’t need any introduction, it’s a time-tested iconic handbag. But Dior recently made the smallest version of the Lady Dior and it’s not a ‘tote’.

The Lady Dior around your shoulder, how cute is that? And it function like a Wallet On Chain but with the same DNA as the original Lady Dior Bags.

It made in ‘Canage Topstitching’, the emblematic of the House Of Dior, refined with silver-tone chain and charms. It can be worn across the body, shoulder or even carried by hand like a clutch bag.

The leather is butterly soft, crafted in lambskin. The DIOR charms are going to sling whenever you’re out and about, walking from one to another nightclub, or dancing on the dance floor.

And thinking about it, this bag should be called the Baby Lady Dior Bag.

It features one central pocket and compartments for holding 2 smartphone. The chain can be removed whenever you like and the size is measured 15 x 9.5 cm, with 120 cm chain. Priced at €700 euro or £620 GBP via DIOR boutique.


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With the sun shining on your face, you will be walking proudly with your sandals… or Espadrilles =). And the sunglasses are finally put into use, but what is that…you’re holding?

The Lady Dior Silver Perforated Bag is hard to ignore, especially when it’s carried in the Spring and Summer seasons. You see, it will bounce back the sunlight…reflecting like a shining diamond.

Oh, and you can never go wrong with the Lady Dior Bag.

This is a new bag imbued with the Couture spirit of Dior, the silver-tone metallic calfskin embodies the vision of a futuristic metropolis from the Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 fashion show. It’s perforated and embossed with a miniature ‘Cannage’, the new subtle and urban logo.


The other bag presented for the Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign is the Lady Dior Sequinned Jacquard Bag. The design are highly sophisticated – motif in a patchwork of multicoloured sequins.

These bags come with an adjustable shoulder strap and can be carried by hand or shoulder. The size is 24 x 20 x 11 cm, available via Dior boutique.



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Gucci Lady Web Bag Collection

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A new bag by Gucci has rolled out.

And you will absolutely love it.

Presenting the Gucci Lady Web Shoulder Bags.

The name alone gives me the ‘chill’ – Lady + Web. It’s a style that echoes the seventies glamour, the Lady Web Shoulder Bag is beautifully reinterprets by the quintessential Gucci style.

Like the original GG canvas, which has been beautifully presented with brown hand-stained leather for a retro-inspired look.

And the horsebit detailing on the front flap, is the most iconic hardware of the brand.

But there is more, the Lady Web Shoulder Bag is also made in red suede, which gives an entirely different feel and appearance. It’s simpler, if that fits your personality.

Refined with polished antique gold hardware, it comes with a detachable and adjustable signature shoulder strap in web nylon. The edges are all hand-painted for the best quality and the interior features a snap pocket. Measuring 9’ x 6’ x 2’ (W x H x D), priced at $1900 USD via Gucci e-store.

Other styles:

Gucci Lady Web Shoulder Bag in Suede: $2100 USD

Gucci Lady Web Hand-Stained Shoulder Bag: $2700 USD

Gucci Lady Web Hand-Stained Shoulder Bag in Python: $3400 USD







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Small Lady Dior Tote with Chains

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Sometimes it’s strange how a twist can change the game. By now, everyone should already know the iconic Lady Dior Tote– the finest and glamorous accessory that Dior has in stock.

Enhanced by Dior Cannage Stitching, it’s truly a timeless piece of art. Luxuriously handcrafted and distinctive, this bag becomes more precious with time. It’s made for those that demand excellence to the tiniest details.

And the best of the best, it never goes out of style.

So wrap it up in the box please or put it temporary on your wish list.

All right, now what’s so special about this Lady Dior tote? It’s the first Lady Dior Tote Bag that comes with a long chain with large, metallic, silver-tone links, means it can be worn across the body. It’s absolutely on-trend.

Everything else is still there.

The DIOR charm in silver hardware, the gorgeous handles and it’s made from lambskin. It can’t go more luxurious than that. Painted in a color that’s always trending, in classic black. This is a one-time purchase and forever-yours handbag.

The size of the Lady Dior with Chains is small – lovely and cute. Measuring 17 x 15 x 7 cm, available at your local Dior boutique for $3,000 USD.



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Lady Dior Bags Flower Collection

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The soul of the Lady Dior Totes move by instinct, as the winter kicks in and the leaves are falling, the Lady Dior lighten up the darkness with natural flowers.

The white cosmos flower offers a modern interpretation of Monsieur Dior’s garden, with the combination of years of refinement and craftsmanship, this new Lady Dior Bag with floral elements is a limited piece of art that can only be pursued in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

Timeless as it is, imbued with Couture spirit of Dior, this bag is obviously made out of love, you can feel it in the details – how the print is constructed on the front, black and the handles.

If you’ve followed us so far (and if not, like our Facebook page), then you have seen this bag in the Lady Dior Ad Campaign 2014 featuring Marion Cotillard jumping in the sky. Only two images of the Lady Dior Flower Collection were shown and we’re here to introduce you to the rest of the story.

We’d like you to meet with Lady Dior Bag with Pink Alstroemeria Flower, partly in white and made from Deerskin (image top).

Then we’d like you to shake hands with Lady Dior Bag in Pink Printed Flower (second image), also in Deerskin.

The Lady Dior Bag in Black Printed Flower (third image) will be your best friends when its snowing and raining.

And lastly a large size Lady Dior White Bag Printed Flower (fourth image) are for those we need help because they want more space. And if you love white and knows exactly how to maintain it, then the decision is very easy to be made.

Now let’s roll over to the Lady Dior Tote Bag Prices and Size:

Small: 17 x 15 x 7 cm
Price: $3,500 USD

Medium: 24 x 20 x 11 cm
Price: $3,900 USD

Large: 32 x 25 x 11 cm
Price: $4,400 USD

Before you go we have to tell you this: These prices are, as per January 2014 for the Lady Dior Totes of the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. We are not sure yet about the prices of the Lady Dior Flower Collection, because it’s not released yet. We will keep you informed, just like our Facebook page.





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