Alexander McQueen To Show Fall 2016 Collection In London


When the dear departed Alexander McQueen joined the Gucci Group, his eponymous label moved his shoes from London to Paris. Next year, after having shown its collections at the Paris Fashion Week since 2002, Alexander McQueen will however return to its designer hometown, meaning that it is going to show its fall 2016 collection in London. The house took the news to Twitter to announce the new location of the Alexander McQueen fall 2016 show yesterday morning, revealing that the show is slated for Sunday, February 21st at 7 pm.

Alexander McQueen To Show Fall 2016 Collection In London

“EXCLUSIVE: Alexander McQueen returns to London in February to show the AW16 collection for one season only #LFW.”

Despite departing from its hometown, Alexander McQueen has always paid homage to London and the British heritage within its collections, both thanks to Alexander himself and Sarah Burton, the label’s current creative director. The shakeup will occur for one season only, and it won’t be the only surprise the label has in store for us. Although the company declined to provide further details, it appears clear there’s something more. As a spokesperson for the label told British Vogue, Alexander McQueen’s entourage “wanted to look at doing something different for the season,” meaning that maybe the label is planning to celebrate its 23rd anniversary magnificently.

Moreover, as WWD has learned, Alexander McQueen will also launch a so-called ‘special product’ near the show’s date, and it will do it in London. Once again, the representatives for the label did not (and won’t likely any time soon) divulge further details, leaving us wondering about what’s going to happen.

Alexander McQueen’s fall 2016 show won’t be the only change to this upcoming London Fashion Week schedule. On Thursday the British Fashion Council unveiled the complete calendar for the F/W 2016 season, revealing a few other interesting shakeups. After taking a break from the format, Mulberry is going to keep Alexander McQueen company, returning to the London runaway for the first time ever after Emma Hill’s departure in 2013. The brand’s new creative director is Johnny Coca, and his show is slated for February 21, too.

Charlotte Olympia will also stage at LFW, and it will be the designer’s first-ever runaway show. Designed by Charlotte Dellal, the show is scheduled for February 19th. Other new names of the LFW calendar are Alice Archer and Steve Tai and Marta Jakubowski, while Christopher Raeburn will stage a presentation with Woolmark instead of a runaway fashion show.

Such news also followed two not-so-happy announcements as well: earlier this weekJonathan Saunders revealed he is shuttering his eponymous label due to personal reasons, while the winner of the inaugural LVMG prize in 2014, Thomas Tait will be scheduling one-on-one appointments with buyers in Paris in March instead of hitting the runaways.

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Bag of the Week: Alexander McQueen Box Shoulder Bag

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Bag: Alexander McQueen Box Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: This bag’s shape is deceptively simple, but its structure and closure are unique in the market right now, which makes it well worth a look.

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Introducing the Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag

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Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag 5

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Alexander McQueen was known for his cutting edge designs, his self named label continues this legacy. The label’s avant garde designs are probably best represented in their range of box clutches. The brand contrasts soft and feminine themes with their iconic skull motif as can be seen in thisOstrich feather clutch or this floral motif clutch. Following in the same floral motif collection, is this ice pink silk brocade clutch, which is covered in intricate appliqué of organza and crepe beaded flowers. The clutch is lined with luxe leather and contrasted with a pale pink Swarovski embellished skull clasp. This statement piece adds a level of feminine exuberance to any outfit and retails for $2,795. The bag measures 7” in width, 4” in height and 2” in depth, just large enough to fit your lipstick and cell phone.

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Trick to Authenticate Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves Fast

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Thorough authentication of an Alexander McQueen scarf can be complicated and requires inspecting logos, tagging, edges, design details and overall pattern. However, for iconic Alexander McQueen skull scarves, there's a nifty trick that can tell you if that skull scarf is a real or fake Alexander McQueen FAST.

Alexander Mcqueen skull scarves

This trick applies to the most iconic Alexander Mcqueen scarf, the classic skull scarves. These are the thin fabric (silk chiffon or modal/cashmere blend) Alexander McQueen scarves with solid skull patterns.

Alexander Mcqueen skull logo brand

Take a look at the Alexander McQueen logo on the scarf. It is in the same color as the skulls or near the same color as the skulls.

Alexander Mcqueen authentication trick

Now, hold this area up to the light! As shown above, on an authentic scarf, the Alexander McQueen logo stands out differently compared to the rest of the scarf. Whereas on a fake scarf, the logo will blend like the skulls and the rest of the scarf. Quick and easy, right? And, most fake skull scarves will not pass this trick!

If you ever come across an Alexander McQueen scarf at a secondhand store, be sure to put this fast easy trick to the test!

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Alexander McQueen Bags: Ziggy and De Manta

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Alexander McQueen has such a distinctive look. The styles are modern, sleek and a touch dangerous. Today, I wanted to share an outfit with two Alexander McQueen bags, the Ziggy and De Manta to demonstrate the beauty of this designer line.

De Manta

outfit with leather pants pointy wedges alexander mcqueen clutch

Express sweatshirt (similar here), white silk tank top, Paige Paloma leggings, pointy wedges, Alexander McQueen De Manta clutch

dark green olive Alexander Mcqueen De Manta clutch

The De Manta bag is such a young and modern bag. It is structured in its own unique way, and is sure to look very different from the rest of your bag collection. The only negative thing that I have to say about this bag is it's not the most functional purse. Like all clutches, there is not a handle, so it takes up one of your hands. Also, if you are one to constantly open and close your bag to retrieve items, it can become a hassle with this bag. You must bend back the magnetic folds before unzipping. While this is not difficult, it can become annoying.

This bag can easily hold your essentials: phone, wallet, a small notebook, and a few pieces of cosmetics.

outfit with leather pants pointy wedges alexander mcqueen clutch


outfit with leather pants pointy wedges alexander mcqueen ziggy bag

quilted wrinkled large black alexander mcqueen bag

The Ziggy is just a hip large black leather bag. It brings a bit of youth and edge to any outfit, and is very functional. It's extremely easy to open and close quickly, super roomy and is worn on the shoulder.

outfit with leather pants pointy wedges alexander mcqueen ziggy bag

Thanks always for reading! Hope you enjoyed the Alexander Mcqueen Ziggy and De Manta bag reviews and approved of my outfit. :)

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