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By Chere Di Boscio

“So few people truly understand what I do,” sighs Catherine B whilst exhaling yet another cigarette. “This is not a consignment store. This is something different”.

That ‘something different’ is an Aladdin’s treasure cave packed with collectable Chanel and Hermes pieces, on which Catherine is an expert. She can tell a real piece from pirated one more so than many retail directors in the fashion houses themselves. “There are many things to watch for,” she says. “And some fakes today are good…very good. But I know. I just know”.


This savvy collector stocks the most elusive bags, jackets, scarves and shoes from the 30’s to the 90’s, but not beyond. She’s not interested in being a depot for the unwanted bags of fickle rich girls; instead, she sees her shop as half museum, half retail store. “Some people can’t understand why I am charging more for a 2.55 bag than the listed price in a Chanel boutique”, she continues. “But it is because the 2.55 I am carrying is a one-of-a-kind piece designed by Mademoiselle Chanel herself, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!”

Indeed, some of her stock is so rare, it isn’t even for sale. Take her Chanel bicycle, for instance. One of about a hundred left on the planet, it features two sidesaddle ‘handbags’ and the signature Chanel quilting not only on the bags, but on the seat as well. She also owns the original Birkin bag from Hermes. It boasts the initials JB and is numbered 0—it being the first. It also features a strap created at Ms Birkin’s request: “She wanted to be able to put it on her shoulder while she looked for things inside the bag,” explains Catherine.

Her amicable husband assures me that there are many more treasures cached around the store. “She will only show them to people who are truly interested”, he tells me. But when Catherine finds those people who share her enthusiasm and love for vintage Chanel and Hermes, it makes her day–even if there’s no sale.


Catherine explains she would love to share her enthusiasm for these collectable designer pieces in a modern venue, like Harrods Department store, because she believes the English have a better appreciation for all things vintage than the French, who are more likely to use accessories that were passed down through the generations rather than buying vintage pieces themselves. ‘It’s all about heritage,’ she says.

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More Chanel Paris Dallas 2014 Bags

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We try to do whatever we can to show you the latest Chanel bags, we also try to feature as much as we can, so that you can be prepared whenever you are loaded and ready to unload your wallet at your favorite Chanel boutique.

And we do not really care whether we ‘think’ it’s cool or not, because everyone has their own taste, we just want to show you what’s available right now, so you can make a confident choice.

Up until now, we have featured a lot of bags from the Paris Dallas 2014 Collection, still there are a few more drops that have been left out. And though there are no names or prices, you can ask the SA to tell your more about it.


Beautiful uneven flower patterns have been embellished on this mini shoulder bag. It’s partly crafted from leather, the top is refined with metal, giving it a modern look. It also has the logo CHANEL stamped on it. This pattern is called: ‘Cordoba’, there is also a Boy Bag version, which we have also featured on Chanel Paris Dallas Boy Collection. It comes with a long shoulder strap and can be switched into an evening clutch anytime you want.


If you really love the Paris Dallas theme, go for this shoulder bag with a studded strap in the center. You get a bit of country feel with the CC logo embellished on the center. This bag comes with two compartments and also a shoulder strap.


Well, Chanel has been very creative in designing this oil drum clutch. Dallas Texas is famous for oil and this clutch bag is painted in blue, black and brown (like rust).

My heart still goes for the mini clutch bag with gorgeous flowers, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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