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Make a powerful fashion statement with the newest Prada Gold-Plated Ribbon Bag. Stylishly refined in all its angles, this ribbon bag from Prada is the perfect fashion fix, like a cherry on top of an ice cream for that added touch of panache.

Made from genuine calf leather, this Prada Gold-Plated Ribbon Bag is perfectly balanced and complemented by gold-plated or steel hardware, depending on the color. Versatility wise, this bag can be carried by the hand or over the shoulder since it has a detachable leather shoulder strap to boot!

If you’ll look closer, you’ll notice that it has PRADA’s logo embossed in the middle and has metal lettering logo. What will definitely catch your eyes would probably be the metal clasp with leather loop, which is undeniably its stylish accent.

You might say that this bag has been previously featured before and you are right but mind you this newest Prada Ribbon Bag showcases a golden plate in the center. Oh and what you might notice as well, the golden ‘H’ on the front looks a lot like the ‘H’ of Hermes (much similar to the Hermes Constance Wallet and Bags). However, the brand’s name logo is printed in the center.

Measuring 22 x 14 x 6 (L x H x W) cm and is priced $2160 USD, €1750 euro, £1510 GBP, ¥275400 JPY via Prada boutiques.








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Couple weeks ago, we shared a picture of the Prada Saffiano Mini Tote. Perhaps you might think it was just a prototype or a joke, but no – we were dead-serious.

Take a look at one of the smallest designer bag on this planet, made from Prada’s famous saffiano leather and so small that a few fingers are enough to carry.

Is it practical?

Yes, but not as an everyday bag.

Is it useable?

Yes, how about your evening dates and party nights, use it as a small bag or sophisticated a clutch.

It’s so cute that you won’t get enough of it – love it, care it and put it next to your bed like a little baby.

It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, with a mini tag that is too large for its size. The original Prada logo is embellished on the front center.

Measuring 14 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm (L x H x W), available in either black or red, for $890 USD and €600 euro’s at Prada e-store.




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We Are Doubling Down on the Brand-New Prada Bag

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The piece: Prada Double Bag

Why we want it: There's not much that will take our laser focus off New York Fashion Week, but an alert that Prada launched a completely new bag shape caused us to stop and take notice. So, what's different about the new Prada Double? It's exactly what we'd want in a statement bag that we'll take with us everywhere, every day: it's substantial yet lightweight, and that internal divider is key to keeping contents organized. Plus, the minimal construction — hand-covered buttons and a new metal name plaque are the only additions — makes it timeless, so we can bring it in and out of our closets for years to come.

The only hard part is deciding on a color. The new tote's leather exterior and nappa interior come in tone-on-tone and contrasting palettes, but the colors themselves run the gamut. Should we go with basic black, bold blue, or a luxe caramel? See them all below, and then help us decide.

Prada Double Bag in Fuoco
Prada Double Bag in Caramel
Prada Double Bag in Cuir Noisette

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The new retro “Saffiano Lux Lux” package shall Prada

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Prada New Retro “Saffiano Lux Lux” bag style series, with the classic Prada Saffiano embossed leather-based materials, the introduction of the retro elegant geometric shapes with respect to modern popular small package, and a change in the past the traditional type of portable briefcaseIt gives a sense of monotony. In order to meet the characteristics of each of the different styles of women’s needs, and the classic leather embossed with a variety of colors collage material for selection.




Supermodel Miranda Kerr Prada 2013 New Lishi package Shoulin
But do not think these re-read the package shall not be reused, materials except Prada classic leather embossed (Saffiano), but also both the water repellent properties, but also in the inner design of the great mystery, in addition to enough capacity Great, we also set up a sandwich of different functions in order to facilitate the admission of many layers, eliminating the need for many to find time items, large enough capacity can also be easily offset computer into the overall design of the package shall not lose the most important low-key but Feature.




Prada New Vintage Retro “Saffiano Lux Lux” package shall Series




Full brand of classic material made of embossed leather Saffiano




Sandwich intimate design, can be classified in accordance with the articles




Leather embossed collage, a total of a variety of colors to choose from

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Covet That Classic: Prada Galleria

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[blog] image 01 6-11

How did Prada make the Galleria bag its best-seller? Released in mouthwatering colours, the Prada Saffiano Lux Galleria bags in its beloved Saffiano leather fly off the shelves in record time. For avid collectors and fashionistas alike, a piece of Milan’s finest is definitely a fine addition to your collection.

[blog] image 02 6-11

What makes a Galleria bag valuable is its saffiano leather–calfskin with a synthetic heat-stamped grain. Not only does this lend further durability to the beloved bag, it also enhances the resistance to prolonged physical wear. The Galleria is hands-down one of the easiest Prada bags to maintain in my collection, and we all know how much effort is needed to keep a bag in pristine condition. I’ve previously shared some tips and tricks to make your luxury purchase last a little longer here.[blog] image 03 6-11

Complete your collection with a Prada Galleria today. Covet it here. Here’s how I would pair my Galleria with my outfit. Have fun with this versatile classic!

[blog] image 04 6-11

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I think its safe to say that everyone agrees that luxury fashion trendsetters,Prada has great sense and taste in style, as can be seen from the past ornate sunglasses or the 32 colored Derbies. The latest from the Italian fashion house is a story within a story – they’re calling it the Prada Inside Bag. As the name suggests, the bag within the bag brings about a surprise when unzipping the outermost bag to reveal a smaller one inside! The bags can be paired with the same tones for a more classy option or contrasting colors to reveal your bolder side! The colors are pastels and more novel tones, though if paired well could be chic arm-candy. The outer bag is has a solid sturdy framework to the leather that gives it a boxy shape, the inner bag however, reveals a soft bag without structure but still manages to sit well inside its outer casing. The bag(s) also come with adjustable shoulder straps to make a cross-body bag and have two inside pockets besides the inside bag for storage. What more could one want?

So far, we’re having a tough time picking from the tan with turquoise, peach with aquamarine and a snakeskin print with peach, to be our next potential extravagant buy. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you should rush to your nearest Prada store and grab a hold of one or all of these beauties!

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